Long Division


Heather Gardner

Head of Music Supervision + Licensing

Heather lives and breathes music. With professional training in piano performance and arts management, her ears intimately understand the relationship between song and picture, and how to harmoniously capture that magic within any budget parameters. As Head of Music Supervision + Licensing, Heather balances her right brain creativity with extensive left brain attention to detail, allowing for a seamless licensing process from concept to contract to cue sheet. Her credits cover advertising campaigns, television series, feature films, and video games that have been seen worldwide.

Heather currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Guild of Music Supervisors, Canada and is frequently invited to share her expertise as a guest speaker at events such as Canadian Music Week, South by Southwest, and East Coast Music Week, among others.

Telan Wong

Music Supervisor + Content Manager

If Telan has a superpower, it’s the ability to listen. With a Bachelor of Music with a major in cello, she is constantly immersed in sound. Inspired by the power of music to breathe life into any project that crosses her desk, be it advertising, film, or television, Telan is an engine of creativity and determination. As a Music Supervisor and Content Manager, she consistently delivers new and creative ideas, seeking to uncover those “glass slipper” moments between music and picture. Despite her trained ear and decisive disposition, Telan knows music is much more than notes and melody. Just don’t ask her what album she’d bring to a deserted island─the answer changes daily.

Featured Work